Kendra McCullough launched her capsule collection in November 2012 with an inspirited and confident take on modern apparel. Driven by artistic and forward-thinking movement, each new collection holds a broad contemporary appeal.

McCullough was born and raised in Chantilly, VA. With a curious mind and creative inclination, she familiarized herself with various forms of art from a young age. Practicing in drawing, painting, and designing, in high school McCullough found true inspiration in theater when she began designing costumes. McCullough continued her studies at Marymount University, where she graduated with a B.F.A. in Fashion Design. Excelling in her class, she received the Sr. Gabrielle Berg Memorial Award for her outstanding achievement in design.

Just weeks after receiving her diploma, McCullough had her first collection completed. Upholding a focus on handcraft and technical detail, she began establishing herself in the DC area. With each collection, McCullough further exposes her fascination with the design collision of contrasting elements: movement and severity, romanticism and modernism, tradition and invention. McCullough’s collections combine an ever-expanding working knowledge of both hand-crafted tailoring and technical draping, with a consistent refinement and feminine awareness.